After a grueling week, almost all the participants are done with their projects! We’re still waiting for a few to submit their final edits, and Herve (our multimedia genius) is already hard at work putting together the slideshows that will be shown tomorrow at the Closing Night of the 8th Angkor Photo Festival.


Here is a glimpse of what went on at the Warehouse – Workshop Center over the last week!


rakzphotography_LR_1844 rakzphotography_LR_1865 rakzphotography_LR_1872 rakzphotography_LR_1879 rakzphotography_LR_1894 rakzphotography_LR_1901 rakzphotography_LR_1907 rakzphotography_LR_1910 rakzphotography_LR_1913 rakzphotography_LR_1914 rakzphotography_LR_1918 rakzphotography_LR_1926 rakzphotography_LR_1930 rakzphotography_LR_1945 rakzphotography_LR_1948 rakzphotography_LR_1953 rakzphotography_LR_1954 rakzphotography_LR_1955 rakzphotography_LR_1964 rakzphotography_LR_4377 rakzphotography_LR_4380 rakzphotography_LR_4382 rakzphotography_LR_4385 rakzphotography_LR_4386 rakzphotography_LR_4390 rakzphotography_LR_4393 rakzphotography_LR_4395


We’re looking forward to seeing all the participants together tonight (and in a much more relaxed state) for the first time at the evening slideshows.

Tomorrow, our seven-member jury panel will meet up to decide the winner of the 2012 Photo Prize. Good luck, everyone!