Jean-Yves is back in town – and busy putting up the outdoor exhibitions of Rijasolo (FCC Angkor), Hans Silvester (The Raffles’ Garden) and John Stanmeyer (Bopha Hotel’s Terrace). We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that it will stop raining.

Thanks to Amber, we’ve some pictures from the past few days — good food and lots of laughs with the Anjali Photo Workshop tutors, participants in the Angkor Photo Workshops, and other friends who had come to join in the festival (and lend a hand).

Preparations for the upcoming water festival has already started – the boat racing teams are holding their practice sessions along the river next to the festival centre.

How many people does it take to move a 4m-wide screen? And, more importantly, how do you transport a screen of that size from point A…

to point B?

(Answers in the next post.)