The core event of the Angkor Photo Festival and Workshops, the annual workshop is for emerging Asian photographers who want to develop their craft and push beyond their current practices. Since 2004, our brilliant team of tutors has guided and nurtured over 400 photographers to think critically about their photographic process and their approach to visual story-telling.

1. To challenge yourself

The week-long workshop is undoubtedly an intense experience and you’ll be pushed to perform and produce to the best of your capabilities (which is more than you think), possibly resulting in a lack of sleep and tears of frustration. Get out of your comfort zone. Shake up the way you think. If you apply yourself fully to the workshop and your project, you will gain invaluable experience that will not only impact the way you work with photography but how you use it to relate to the world.

2. Learn from some of the best in the industry

Our tutors are all well-known professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to the workshops because they believe in the power of photography to understand ourselves and the world. The tutors are paired together for their professional chemistry and to play off each other’s strengths as photographers and educators. What they all have in common is a deep commitment to helping you find and develop your unique voice in photography.

3. Grow as a photographer and visual story-teller

Maybe you feel stuck in a rut and want to try a different approach to the way you tell stories visually. Perhaps you want to weave worthwhile and compelling narratives with your photographs instead of just getting Instagram likes. Or maybe you want to switch genres and try your hand at something you’ve not done before. There are many personal reasons as to why you would want to take a workshop. The primary goal of the workshop is to start the process of thinking critically about your photography and to guide you to develop personal projects in your own unique way.

4. Make friends

The workshops are not only about gaining skills; many participants find lifelong friends and peers in the workshop. They learn from and inspire each other as well as offer support and different perspectives. For many, the alumni are like a family and the festival is always a happy time for long-awaited reunions.

5. There is no workshop fee!

In an ideal world, all education would be free and not be limited to those who can afford it. We know that photography especially can be a very costly endeavour and we want to do our bit by keeping the workshops as affordable as possible. Thanks to the generosity and passion of our volunteer tutors, we can and we have. The Angkor Photo Workshop offers its participants free tuition and accommodation for the duration of the workshop + festival.

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