There is a story that Françoise Callier likes to tell. It is of a legend about a fire, raging in a forest. All the animals are fleeing in fear of their own safety, except for one hummingbird.

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Skateistan uses skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change. Photograph by Jessica Fulton-Dobson

“The little bird is taking water from the pond in its beak and dropping it on the fire. And he keeps doing this, going back and forth. The other animals ask him, ‘So you really think you are doing something?’ The hummingbird replied, ‘If I can do my little bit to help, I will!’ And that’s what The Impact Project wants to highlight, that everybody can always help someone,” says Françoise.

The Impact Project, initiated by Programme Coordinator Françoise, is a tribute to individuals who are doing their part and making a difference.

“All day you have the catastrophe of the world falling on your head, but you see also individuals doing incredible things. I thought it was important to show that even as an individual you can help to make change in social or environmental problems,” she says.

There are 18 inspiring stories this year about the triumphs of the human will to do good.

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Dr Mukwege has treated thousands of women who were raped during the 20 years conflict in the east of Congo, while helping them regain their dignity. Photograph by Thierry Michel

For 35 years, Jadav Payeng has been planting trees every day on Majuli Island in India until it is now a lush forest, home to wild elephants, tigers, rhinos and deer. In Cambodia, Morimoto Kikuo founded the Institute For Khmer Traditional Textiles, specialising in the revival of the Cambodian silk ikat and helping to support the community. Yves Marre sailed from France to Bangladesh on a river barge, which was eventually turned into the NGO Friendship to provide free healthcare and emergency aid. He later goes on to develop and produce the Moon Boat, unsinkable boats for the fisherman of the Bay of Bengal.

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