CA305217Sergine Laloux’s fascination with Tibet started 12 years ago, when she made a trip to Lhosa for its New Year activities. If wasn’t until more than a decade later that she would return to Tibet, travelling to its remote regions on a 3 1/2 week journey. The objective of the trip was to explore and encounter Tibetan Buddhism as Sergine photographed her experiences.

The journey started in Chengdu before they made their way west, and looped back to their starting point. The highlight of the trip was a visit to isolated Buddist university town in Sethar, where she witnessed a sky burial.

CA305224“Almost 200 birds descended on the body. Within an hour, there is nothing left of the body,” says Sergine.

The entire journey was an enriching experience for Sergine. “What’s really incredible is that the Tibetans, even living in rural conditions, always seem peaceful and smiling, as if every problem has a solution. It’s the quality of the inside life,” she says.

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