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Yves Marre, the Solidary Sailor


Yves Marre sailed from France to Bangladesh in 1994 on a large river barge with the will to transform it into a floating hospital in the country. With his wife Run, he created the NGO Friendship, aimed to provide health and emergency aid. In 2012, Yves Marre was rewarded for his actions in Bangladesh for the last 20 years: he received a French award for his commitment to humanitarian actions abroad. In 2015, Yves Marre wrote a new book ‘Navigateur Solidaire’, and received a French award for the best book about the sea.

Today, he has created M.S.R.S (Maritime Security and Rescue Society at sea) in Bangladesh, sparked by his concern dramatic occurrences in the Bay of Bengal and the major river routes. The Admiral Taher (retired Navy Chief of Bangladesh), Yves Marre and Watever gathered their friends to create a non-profit and non-government society to help enhance security and to rescue of seafarers. Facing the tragic reality of the fishermen’s living conditions at the Bay of Bengal and the users of major rivers, the protagonists of the new society refused to evade their responsibility of solidarity. They offer their skills, their energy, their enthusiasm and their lives to the service of safety and rescue to the seafarers of Bangladesh. With Marc Van Peteghem, a boatwright, they developed and produced the first unsinkable boats for the fishermen, the Moon Boat.