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Virginie Nguyen Hoang / Hans Lucas



Gaza, The Aftermath
Belgium     virginie-nguyen.photoshelter.com

The last war in Gaza during the Israeli operation “Protective Edge” has made 2,502 victims on the Palestinians side and 71 on the Israeli side (according to the UN numbers). But the damages do not end at the number of casualties. Indeed, more than 18,000 houses have been destroyed, not including the cost of damaged commercial and agricultural lands.

According the UN, more than 108,000 are homeless on the Gaza Strip. Some of those who lost their homes are now living in UNRWA schools used as shelters, others went back to the homes to try to live in whatever is left; some are in improvised tents, and there are those who benefited from temporary housing.

However, the citizens of Gaza are still waiting for the reconstruction to begin as the international community has pledged $5.4billion to rebuild Gaza. In October and November 2014, just a few trucks with building materials passed the border of Israel. On the Egyptian side of the border, the authorities have closed the border to any Gazan willing to enter the country. The tunnels from Egypt have been destroyed, and no more goods or medicine can pass into the area. As a consequence, prices have risen and daily life has become more and more difficult in an environment alrady undermined by the last war and the blockade.

Three months after the last ceasefire in August 2014, this series try to portray the daily life of Gazans. Hanging between a certain normality and the open scars of a conflict.