Yu Yu Myint Than – Social Impact of Shwe Gas
Lauren DeCicca – Copper Mining in Myanmar’s Sagaing Region
Min Zayar – Jade mining in Kachin
Matt Grace – Artisanal Oil Drilling
Andre Malerba – Gold Mining, Gun Disease
Suthep Kritsanavarin – Living with the Coal Mine

Myanmar is still in transition, and remains at an important juncture wherein continued pressure on certain issues can have positive long-term effects. As Myanmar continues the application process for EITI (extractive industries transparency issue) membership, it is required to bring accountability and transparency to mining initiatives within the country. This means reporting revenue as well as discussing social issues and conduction safe environmental practices. With EITI membership comes greater freedom in international investment in Myanmar’s mining sector, and it is imperative that the host of issues surrounding mining practices in Myanmar are not forgotten in the face of increased income.

Andre Malerba (US), Eugenie Stone (MM), Lauren DeCicca (US), Minzayar Oo (MM), Matt Grace (UK) and Suthep Kritsanavarin (TH) have each focused on a particular aspect of the extraction industry including: jade, natural gas, oil, copper, rubies, and gold. By doing so, issues such as lost revenue, environmental damages, work related medical issues, activism, and land grabs are covered, among others.

Each photographer has gained access to a difficult or restricted area in order to document a facet of mining, and has returned with original work that provides new insight into mining in Myanmar. Collectively it forms a growing body of work that will serve as evidence in the fight for a fair and equal industry of extractive resources.

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