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There exist many festivals and different kinds of folk art in Japan. The number is said to be tens of thousands. Tomm started taking photos of various festivals all over Japan after he had visited the Tamaseseri Festival in Fukuoka for a winter shoot back in 2013. There are small, abstract local festivals, and there are also large scale, splendid ones like the Gion Festival in Kyoto. In small festivals, there is a determination that emanates among the locals protecting its traditions, resulting in frequent subtle nuances that an outsider would find hard to understand. Japan has a word called “Tamafuri”, which means giving vitality to “tama” (life, soul) by the act of “furi” (swinging). In modern society festivals may seem irrational and strange at times. The reason the past generations of Japanese continually carried on festivals across Japan is because they believed it would restore the life and spirit when they faded from their daily lives with the festival’s magnetic energy. This project is to portray festivals and different kinds of folk art throughout Japan.