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Terry Ng 吳漢曦

APF2015_Terry-Ng02Border (2012-2015)
Hong Kong

The Hong Kong – Mainland China border has been permanently changing – a fact reiterated with the news reporting that the Frontier Closed Area is gradually being reduced in its size. Established since 1951, this closed area was once expanded in 1962 but now, the whole border area has shrunk.

People from both sides of the border can gain access to the opposite side at the Control Points – which signify a manifestation of the tension between the two systems that coexist side by side. Yet, it looks as if we can never have a firm grasp of the transformation of the situation.

It is what prompted my thoughts on our ever-changing border, which may show us the answers to the many questions arising from this transformation.


Ng Hon-hei, Terry (吳漢曦) (b. 1981, Hong Kong) received a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography from School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong in 2012. He is currently studying Master of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University.

Project ‘Border’ was exhibited in the group exhibition ‘Yuen Yeung — Contemporary Hong Kong Photography’ of 2013 Lianzhou Foto in Mainland China between Nov and Dec 2013, and will be exhibited in forthcoming solo exhibition in Hong Kong gallery Lumenvisum’ between Aug and Oct 2015.