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Tatevik Vardanyan

Future Voters
Armenia   tatevikvardanyan.com

Since Armenia gained independence, no election held since has ever been regarded as fair. This makes the people angry and aggressive every election season. In every step of the election, there are demonstrations and meetings. This year, I wanted to be a part of the election process and to research and understand the elections. I became an observer for the ‘Presidential Elections of Armenia’ and the ‘Yerevan Council of Aldermen’ elections. The stories I heard before became true with these elections; I realized that my country still has a long way to go before achieving truly fair elections. But one thing that gives me hope were the kids who came with their parents to vote and to learn what the process was and why it was happening. The elections are now over, but I will never forget the emotions on the kids’ faces. Each of them were so proud to be there and to be a part of something big.