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Tasneem Alsultan

Protectors of the Mosque
Saudi Arabia/USA   www.tasneemalsultan.com

Last year, two brothers, their cousin and friend decided to volunteer to secure their neighborhood mosque. As ISIS had already identified the mosque to be targeted next, the four men knew the stake of losing their life was high. Yet, they were accepting in order to save the lives of the 600 men praying that Friday noon.

Once the ISIS attack happened and the four men died whilst running towards the attacker, the mother came out in the media as an empowering woman celebrating the life of her two sons and nephew. Although she shed a few tears during the men’s commemoration ceremony held by 200 women, the audience was struck by her courage. A woman who has just lost her sons and nephew, insisted on empowering other mothers in raising their sons and daughters to be selfless in the face of ISIS. To unite in order to not be conquered. “I don’t believe the terrorists were Sunni. They’re not muslims. They can’t be. It’s a plan you know. First they’ll attack a few Shia mosques and tomorrow they will attack Sunni mosques to spark hate between us. You wait and see”