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Suman Ghosh

Friendship – BangladeshAPF2015_Suman-Ghosh02

Since 2002, Friendship Bangladesh has been working to help address the needs of remote and marginalised communities in Bangladesh. From northern remote chars to the southern coastal belt, it has attempted to bring about a visible impact on those communities who can barely meet their basic needs. Our mission is to contribute to an environment of justice and equity that empowers people to reach their full potential through a sustainable and integrated development approach. Our work is based on five core values: integrity, dignity, justice, quality, and hope.
So far, we have served 9.2 million remote underprivileged people, most of them living on chars. We developed an innovative and highly-recognised three-tier healthcare hospitals on three hospital ships. A total of 4,650 children, who would otherwise have no access to any education, attend our primary schools in remote char areas. In addition, , 1,260 adolescents and adults attend our functional literacy classes at 73 adult literacy centers. We also endeavour to raise awareness about citizen rights amongst our beneficiaries, and offer them access to justice and legal services. We reach 70,000 people annually through our trained paralegals who travel to remote areas to share information related to basic law and rights.