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Pelle Cass



Selected People 
USA    pellecass.com

My work reveals a surprising world that is visible only with a camera. These composite photographs examine a particular place over time (compressing time like a time-lapse film). I simply select which figures to retain and omit the rest, while looking for patterns, shapes, and coincidences. However, I scrupulously leave each figure in its original position so the photographs represent things as they really happened.

I have two aims in this work. One is to show the strangeness of time conveyed in this old saying: “the purpose of time is to keep everything from happening at once.” My other goal is to capture people in ordinary, non-dramatic moments because that’s most of what life is: a random mess of coincidences that go mostly unmarked and unnoticed, a series of tiny tragedies. I record these moments, re-sequence them, and make them, in some way, memorable.