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Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki

Inherently Unpredictable and Reassuringly Expectable
Greece   www.panos-mary.com

1866-Sisyphus is the name of a near Earth asteroid. Measuring 6-9 km in diameter, in the occasion of colliding with earth, life will end.
On an imaginary scenario, we bring Sisyphus down on earth during its nearest crossing in 2071. We use this event to form a layered body of work to engage viewers into pondering on the meaning of existence. This project consists of a non-indexed collection of evidences that converge towards a future accident. We apply an arsenal of types, printed material, found images, texts, readymade objects etc. On a more functional level, we conceal, fracture and blend facts with fiction. Visual elements/texts from Civil Defense publications add to our work some of the authoritative power of these leaflets. We visualize a Sisyphean condition, a hypothetical certainty of absolute futility: all-life on earth will cease to exist.