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Nick Hannes



Mediterranean. The Continuity Of Man
Belgium    www.continuityofman.com

The Mediterranean (The Med) region has many faces. Rich in history and blessed with a pleasant climat, the Med is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Over 200 million tourists flock to the Mediterranean beaches every year, putting great pressure on its natural scenery.

At the same time the Med functions as an unintentional castle-moat around Fortress Europe. Despite the danger, thousands of desperate immigrants from Africa and Asia continuously attempt to cross the water in shabby boats.

From 2010 to 2014 Nick Hannes traveled the shores of the Mediterranean, documenting various contemporary issues such as tourism, urbanization and migration. While working on this project, the region continuously hit the headlines: Crisis in Greece, the Arab Spring, boat refugees on Lampedusa, wars in Libya, Syria, Gaza. One thing is for sure: The Mediterranean has moved centre stage once more.

The images of Nick Hannes comprise the paradoxes of this region and the spirit of the time in a significant way. His kaleidoscopic portrait of the region puts things in perspective. Serious and moving at one moment, hilarious and ironic the next.