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Nepal Photo Project

©Prashanth Vishwanathan


Nepal Photo Project

Nepal Photo Project is an aggregated stream of critical and functional visuals covering the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25 2015, killing thousands and displacing millions. It is primarily powered by Instagram and has a corresponding Facebook page, twitter account and website which have links to various resources like credible online fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, news updates, crisis reporting platforms like quakemap.org, etc.
What started as a team of 6 friends and colleagues resulted in a stream of content contributed by over 70 Instagrammers – professional photographers, volunteers and citizens of Nepal who picked up their phones, and gave the world a real time window into what was actually going on on the ground. Rather than giving a macro and editorialized view, Nepal Photo Project aims look inwards, and through the stories and personal accounts of its contributors, piece together a very crucial moment in the narrative of Nepal.