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Nelson Viji

Life Revolves Around Salt Water

“The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the salt sea.” ― Karen Blixen
Life Revolves Around Salt Water is about the sea and lives surrounding it. Described as Neithal in Tamil, one among the five landscapes in Sangam literature, the sea and its shores since ancient times have supported the existence of a large fishing community.For thousands of years these fishermen have braved the seas and have relied on these salty waters for their survival. However in recent years, due to natural and man-made disasters, the coastline and the lives that it supports are in great danger. The livelihood of fishermen who use traditional fishing methods has come under serious threat due to large scale mechanized fishing. The Tsunami in 2004 and frequent cyclones have had a huge impact on the environmental and economic conditions of thesecoastal areas. Global climate change has caused unpredictable rise in sea-levels, leaving these shores vulnerable to erosion. Almost 45 % of Indian coastline is being eroded. The fisherfolk face several problems, both natural and man-made, and their livelihood have become more unstable day by day, The sea gives and takes away equally.