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Lumière Brothers Center for Photography

sergey-petrukhin_the-lumiere-brothers-center-for-photographySoviet Photography of the 1960s-1970s
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Soviet Photography of the 1960s–1970s is a comprehensive retrospective look at the explosive development of the medium during the period.

Until the late 1950s, Soviet photography was dominated by an orchestrated style that communicated communist ideals. Relatively liberal reforms, launched by Nikita Khruschev, spurred the renewal of the medium. Photojournalists turned to documentary practices. Photo-clubs sprang up all over the USSR drawing together local amateurs and propagating artistic approaches to photography. Both reporters and amateurs sought new tools – unconventional standpoints, rhythmical patterns, and sharp contrasts – to convey the feeling of freedom that was in the air during this time. The photographers also changed their subjects, switching from official ceremonies to the private life of common people.