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Lionel Jusseret

Scene Of Childhood
Belgium   www.lioneljusseret.com
Between the inadequacy of institutions, exile in Belgian mental hospitals and toxicity of modern psychiatry, autism is at the heart of contemporary media controversies. The French association ‘J’interviendrais’ offers autistic kids an opportunity to live collectively in different country houses. Most of these children do not speak. Communication is always a magical story. It is unique for every child. There is no manual to enter their own world. Immersion is powerful, the work is exhausting. This particular childhood is true, brute, savage. The idea is to find a gateway with every kid, and they only open the door if they want to. No one ever forces them to. It is always oscillating between ultra violence and pure sweetness.

Lionel Jusseret has worked as animator since 2011. Finishing his documentary studies in a Belgian cinema school, he began to photograph these kids after two years among them.


Right now, the association is experiencing a small period of crisis. Many important people involved have to leave the association because conditions of work have become harder and harder. So we need strong people, not necessarily from the psychiatric field, but curious people who are willing to share their joy of life, love for kids and travel.

Of course, the association has always needed money. Any form of donations is welcome. Find Out More: http://www.jinterviendrais.com