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Lam Chun Tung 林振東

APF2015_Lam-Chun-Tung01We Live
Hong Kong

The majority of these elderly people in Hong Kong grew up in the upheavals and miseries of war and poverty in the 1930s and 1940s, experiencing throughout their lives the firing of arms, starvation, fleeing, separation, diverse emotions, yet were not solaced in their old age by stability.

In this project, I tried my best to use an equal, subtle and peaceful vision to get near the life of every elderly person, unfold the wisdom therein and capture those ordinary yet energetic moments. These episodes in life sometimes remind me of Ozu Yasujirō’s movies. Though from different countries and different ages, they are all about the lives of ordinary people. Ozu Yasujirō once remarked, the success or failure of a movie depends on its aftertaste. To me, the same applies to life. While the lives of these 18 elderly persons appear to be ordinary, they are filled with a strong pleasant aftertaste.


Lam Chun Tung was born in Hong Kong and started his career as a photojournalist in 2000. He worked in The Sun, Ming Pao, AM730 and currently works for a newly established media based in Hong Kong. He has won 23 awards of photojournalism including the Best Photograph Award of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, Merits (Photo Categories), the Human Rights Press Awards, Excellence in News Photography and Feature Photography of the SOPA Awards, and prizes in the “Focus at the Frontline” organized by the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association. Between 2011 and 2012 he served as Chairman of the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association. He collaborated with non-profit human rights organization Society for Community Organization to document life moments of grassroots elderly for three years and launched the photo exhibition and book We Live in 2015. He is now devoted in documenting political and social issues of Hong Kong whilst exploring personal photo projects.