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Kürşat Bayhan



Away from Home
Turkey   www.salon.io/kursadbayhan

The project “Away from Home” which I began nearly 5 years ago, covers the
inhabitants of Eminonu, Kucukpazar as one of the areas in Istanbul largely populated
by migrants.

Thousands of young migrants chasing their hopes and dreams are fighting for their
living under challenging conditions. This group of people which we could name as the
4th generation, after the migration in the 1960’s,1980’s, and 90’s, work in day jobs
due to the lack of a professional education. They dwell in single room houses with
limited supplies of electricity and water. Individual rooms of apartment suites are
rented on a monthly basis. One room is typically occupied by a minimum of 10
people. Oftentimes, rooms in houses that lack a kitchen and bathroom are used for
cooking and bathing.

Migrants usually occupied with peddling, junk and scrap dealing, make approximately
$200 US in a month. After spending $50 for rental, migrants send the balance of their
income to their families in their hometown. Only a few are able to achieve their goals
of a better life and manage to bring their families to Istanbul.