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Haoran Fan

China   www.haoranfan.com

Dream is a series of arrangement and combination of the past experience. For me, the dream is neither attached to emotions, nor to the color. The reviewing of the dream is only a process of unorganized memory patchwork. “Displacement” is a piece of intimate land, seemingly open, but a private territory.

Growing up, I lived and worked in many different places and often felt isolated and anxious without a sense of belonging. This sense of displacement created a space-time fabric of memory interwoven with dark fears and cavernous doubts. The photographic body of work Displacement is a visual representation of retrieving these memories and experiencing the conflict between memories and reality. Working in black and white, with source landscape photographs taken in a variety of locations, I create psychological landscapes that are complex and layered with delicate detail.

Not apparent at first glance, most images also include a single figure to represent how these myriads of experiences and memories often added to a deepening sense of anxiety and isolation.