Here, For Now

Is it only freedom that we crave? We desire a home too. There is always an intimate relationship between people and their home. Why this longing? What does a home contain? Is it simply not a family along with a few materialistic possessions: a TV, a refrigerator, few articles of clothing and furniture? Does a home contain a culture or a country? Do the four walls provide us optimum security to celebrate freedom? If so, what about those who do not have a home? What freedom do they live for?
Boirakhali in Rayer Bazar is a locality not very far from the glitzy capital of Bangladesh. Those living here do not have a fixed address to return to, however, they do maintain economic formalities—the landlord gets paid rent. The dwellers existence is similar to that of others, except that they are homeless; their housing orientation is temporary. The homes they live in do not belong to them.