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Federico Rios Escobar



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Identity is a search for roots. Any questions about the indigenous peoples of Colombia and its political situation. It is a review of how the conflict has directly affected the roots of Colombians.

The Nukak Maku, one of the last nomadic tribes of the planet, live in the dense jungle of Guaviare in the south. Its territories have become theater of war and heavy armed confrontations. The Wayuu indigenous people of the Guajira, who has been massacred by paramilitary, state resources never reach them and multinationals steal the little water they have and is killing them with thirst. In recent years, thousands of children have died from malnutrition.

The first attempt to exterminate the people who worked on the rubber plantations in Uitoto, a village in the Amazon rainforest, was decimated when the British tried to enslave entrepreneurs to trade rubber. Today their land is a theater of war and the scene of dispute between the public forces, guerrillas and drug traffickers.

The Embera Katío, a village of Indians who inhabit the humid tropical forests of northern Choco in the Colombian Pacific, have been displaced by the presence of armed groups in their communities. Today, almost 10 years after displacement, communities have not fully returned to their lands, their rights have not been restored and the Colombian government responds only palliative to the plight of indigenous communities. With the passage of time they will lose their language, customs, traditions and knowledge. Women are essential in any society and are the structure of indigenous groups, so this tribute – reflection on the faces of four women, from around the country, with so many different languages that they could not interact with each other, but the structure of their society and their way of life is the same. They also share the pain and misfortune being victims in a foreign conflict. Forgotten and neglected by the government.