A family of fishermen relax after returning from the sea. Over the years, the younger generation has moved away from traditional fishing patterns and joined jobs. They dream of educating their children who can travel to other parts of the country and explore the world. Photographs by Anshika Varma

Urur Olcott Kuppam
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Urur Olcott Kuppam is one of the oldest fishing villages in Chennai. Generations of fisher folk have lived along this seashore, their lives and patterns intricately woven in with that of the sea. The Pattinavar fisher folk once defined the landscape of this beach area but slowly, the village is beginning to resemble a slum, unsure of what its identity is in this growing urban scape. New inhabitants who live there to look for work find the proximity to the sea odd. And the water stings, it smells, they say. The village is surrounded by the city. And slowly being engulfed by it.

Using portraits and found objects from the homes of families who reside here, this project attempts to draw identifiers of this vanishing community in the village.