Weird Animals
Italy    www.alessandrovincenzi.it

When it comes to creativity and recycling, besides being useful, it is also always fascinating and interesting. Maybe this is the reason why I share the phrase “Once, old and broken things were not being throw away, but were repaired.” Before being thrown away and replaced by something new, these pieces that are considered recyclable were once owned by people who gave them use and a life. Unfortunately, it is now a common behaviour among all of us to replace things with something new. However, some people are doing everything possible to try and recover the damange that has been done, and is still being done, to our planet.

L’Animalada is an example of creativity and positive thinking. This is a series of animals created by Sandra Sarda Cabero, which combines three different worlds – waste reduction, recycling of materials, and retrieving objects. Driven by the passion for the game, and the reaction when it is introduced into the public space, the need to create and look for aesthetic correspondence between the recovered and/or found objects and animals.

The result has several interpretations, but the most satisfying and poetic is how Sandra’s work gives these objects a new life. They return to the life cycle; metaphorically, as the first level and most genuine, and also to the natural world, from where everything, toxic or not, is returned. Weird Animals has the ambition to talk about the importance of recycling by addressing the issue in an unusual way.