The place was still fairly empty at around 7.45pm, but by the time Jean-Yves and Camille went up to give their opening speeches, almost 400 people were packed onto the grounds of the FCC Angkor and the latecomers had no choice but to stand (or sit on the grass, like some opted to do).

Lovely photos once again by Tenzing, who didn’t even want to take a break during the slideshows. “The people aren’t moving when they’re watching the slideshows, so that’s good for me.”

A big thank you to everyone who came. We hope you enjoyed the slideshows – there are 7 more nights to go!


  • Exhibition Opening: Hotel de la Paix, 6pm
    • Mak Remissa “Water is Life
    • Sovan Philong “Crickets
  • Evening Slideshows: FCC Angkor, 8.30pm

Sovan Philong will be here – with his family, I hope! Plus there will be special cricket dishes for those who haven’t tried the popular Cambodian snack. Unfortunately, Mak Remissa called to say he couldn’t attend the opening due to work commitments.