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Jul 23, 2020 | 16th Edition (2020), 2020 Festival Programme, News & Happenings

Open Calls



With our 16th Edition, we continue to dedicate our festival platform to promoting curatorial voices from the majority world. The following are ongoing calls for work from our respective guest curators. 

Dennese Victoria & Swastik PalSadia Marium
– DEADLINE EXTENSION: 21st September 2020 – 
OPEN CALL: Curated by Sadia Marium (Bangladesh)


My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. She does not recognize us, has forgotten relationships, unable to use words, calls her son the name of her brother. The doctor said, her brain has lost its ability to encode current memories and also is incapable to retrieve relevant contextual details of the everyday. A common trait is that the patient’s mind got stuck at one age (my grandmother’s case, we think it’s 12) and fails to place oneself in time and space.

Confused about reality, grandma’s dysfunctional brain is creating an entire false autobiographical memory, extracting some information from the past.

We wonder, why she becomes shy sometimes or cracks up, is she recalling a funny moment from the past? or making some jokes about false past?

Some say the pandemic has created its own clock. It has distorted our sense of time. Past, present, future all blend together and are intensified in the virtual space. Corruption, state surveillance, anxiety, violence, protest at ‘now’ or ‘Pre-Corona world’ are constructing hypothetical ‘new realities’ or predictable ‘fictions’ every day. 

In which time and space do we orientate ourselves and why? How are we claiming our shares in the virtual spaces? What is being marked and what left unmarked? Who is watching and constructing falsehood?

These thoughts and inquiries have made me interested in works which comprehend fiction, non-fiction satires about politics or society.

Works which address protests, critique the fear-mongering system of the state.

Additionally, works on any theme which was censored by the author were not shown as a single piece as it does not serve the formula and interests of mainstream or seemed naive.

I am looking for docu/science-fiction, non-fiction, experimental photographs, audio, short-film or short-video, multimedia (scan, photocopy, alternative prints included); which refers to Pre-Corona, during the pandemic, or even from an imaginary future.

Selected works will be showcased at the 16th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops due to take place in November 2020.

Submission Details:

– For photography projects: maximum of 50 images no longer than 1000 px on the longest side.
– For film/multimedia/video/ sound: vimeo/ soundcloud/ website link

Please email your work + a description (500 words max) + an updated bio (300 words max) to s.marium82 [@]

– DEADLINE EXTENSION: 21st September 2020 – 

OPEN CALL: Curated by Dennese Victoria (Philippines) & Swastik Pal (India)

What have you been looking at?
What have you seen? 

Our workshop alumni Dennese Victoria and Swastik Pal join forces as co-curators and invite you to submit work for their slideshow projection to be shown at the 16th edition of the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops.

Open themed, the call is open to anyone who is engaged with photography as a medium or as an inquiry.

To apply, go to:


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