20151026_124622(1)It’s getting nicely crowded at our headquarters as our 2015 Team is finally all assembled! A big thank you to this year’s amazing volunteers Marco Spinoni, Jedidja ‘The Jedi’ Louman, Laura Lalvée, Ruth Sarah Morris, Tan Lee Kuen, Pirkko Siitari and Irene Yap who have come all this way to lend us a hand in getting everything ready for the festival.

Of course, nothing would get done without the right equipment, and we would like to say a huge thanks to our Technical Partners Technokhmer and Futureworld who have very kindly loaned us an array of items (and a Big Mac!) to help us with preparations this year.

2015FUTUREWORLDTechnokhmerBoth Futureworld and Technokhmer are well known in Siem Reap as being the best the to-go place for all your IT needs.

Big MacAn IT sale, service and solution company serving locals and expats living in Siem Reap, Technokhmer supplies a wide-range of genuine products, spare-parts, and can get repair jobs done quickly. Futureworld is an Apple Authorised Reseller in Siem Reap, and over the years, has saved many of our malfunctioning laptops! With their well-trained sale staffs and certified engineers, they are bringing the Cambodia Market One-Stop apple store, carrying Products, Services, Solutions and updating the new technology developments.

20151108_180248Without their generous support, it would not have been possible for us to accommodate our volunteers get everything done in time for the festival, which starts in just 11 days!

(For the record, we discourage anyone from actually consuming an actual Big Mac.)