We’ve been having portfolio review sessions every afternoon now – a big thank you to all the reviewers who have stepped forward to volunteer, and a big gigantic THANK YOU to Andrea Star Reese, who has been helping us to manage and coordinate the crowds!

The reviews will run on till the last day of the festival, so just head to the Festival Center from 11am to 1pm to get your work seen by one of our many reviewers. (Reviews are free!)




On Day 4 of the Angkor Photo Festival, we had two exhibitions opening at The 1961 – Andri Tambunan’s Against All Odds and Gali Tibbon’s Journey to the Jerusalem of Africa.

The winner of the 2011 Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant, Andri Tambunan is here with us in Siem Reap.  Coincidentally, Andri’s work was published on the New York Times Lens Blog just a few days ago! Check it out here: Taking Photos, and Action, in Indonesia

Once again, a big thank you to our partners Celliers d’Asie and Angkor Beer for helping to make the opening a success!

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After the opening, we headed FCC Angkor for another evening of slideshows. I’d like to take a little time here to thank the great team at the FCC Angkor that helps us every night – from Douglas Moe to Sean Vanthan and their on-site engineers, our evenings would not be possible without them.


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