We had our very first exhibition opening yesterday!

A big thank you to McDermott Gallery for organising the wonderful evening. If you didn’t join us there last night, be sure to catch the two exhibitions which will be shown at the gallery till January 2, 2013 — Mario Algaze‘s Portfolio as well as Tanto Tempo Gallery‘s Labyrinth – featuring the work of Ai Takahashi, Yukichi Watabe, Hiroshi Watanabe, Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Norihisa Hosaka and Toshiya Watanabe. 

What made the evening more special was the fact that we were joined by exhibiting photographers Norihisa Hosaka and Toshiya Watanabe, as well as as well Mariko Yamada, Tanto Tempo Gallery’s director and and Takeki Sugiyama, who founded the gallery.

After the opening, everyone headed down to the FCC Angkor for the second evening of slideshows, curated by Francoise Callier. The evening began with a brief presentation by John Novis, Head of Photography of Greenpeace International, who spoke about the role of photography with Greenpeace and the challenges of portraying climate change.


We’ll see you all tonight at 6pm at the Festival Center at the Angkor Photo Gallery Cafe for the opening of Indra Widi’s Thanks for Today — followed by another evening of slideshows at the FCC Angkor at 8.30pm! Tonight will be the first showcase presented by a duo of invited guest curators, Eddie Marsman and Marco Wiegers. Marco is here with us in Siem Reap, so do look out for him if you wish to ask him any questions about the showcase!


[All photos by Montana Rakz]