The momentum of the 10th Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops is building fast!

Our portfolio reviews had a great start yesterday, with all slots fully-booked within the first half hour of registration.

A big thank you to John McDermott, Bina Hanley, and the team at McDermott Gallery for a wonderful opening reception of Fan Ho’s Hong Kong Yesterday and Gabriele Croppi’s Metaphysics of the Urban Landscape. We had a hard time choosing our favourite images by Fan Ho and Gabriele Croppi, and were glad to discover that many of our friends at the reception also felt the same.

The Blindboys had their first community event last night at Road 60 carnival area, a popular local haunt that becomes packed on Sundays. They set up a pop-up Studio to take portraits of locals, and launched their series of mobile projections, showcasing the work of such artists as Jana Ramanova, Julia Borissova, Merlin Nady, Jeenah Moon and Tom White.

As the evening cooled down, we made our way to the FCC Angkor for our second projection evening, which was the Alumni Showcase. The projections featured the works of 24 photographers that all participated at some point over the last 10 years in the Angkor Photo Workshops – an integral part of the festival since its inception in 2005.

The party continued, as we headed back to The Loft for Blowup@Angkor V by the Blindboys. They are here again to give night-time projections for those hungry to see more new works by photographers from all over the world.

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Images © Jonathan Gonzalez, Soumyadip Ghosh & Harald Arnold[/twocol_one_last]