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Apr 30, 2022 | Articles & Resources, News & Happenings

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched the Creation Grants initiative to provide micro-grants to photographers in Asia, many of whom were facing severe loss of job opportunities and financial income. 

Over three rounds, we were able to provide micro-grants to 12 photographers from eight Asian countries. Selected through an independent jury, and supported through a mixture of our own funds and generous donations from individuals, about USD6000 was disbursed during this period.

List of Recipients

  • Arabella Paner (Philippines) “I thought I saw a falling star softly land on my shoulder”
  • Ivan Darski (Indonesia) “Shadow of the Unseen”
  • Nadishka (Sri Lanka) “Exploring Creativity, Capturing Emotions!” Photo Workshops for Youths
  • Min Ma Maing (Myanmar) “of solongs and ashes”
  • Debsuddha (India) “Epilogue”
  • Atika Zata Amani (Indonesia) “Feeding the Nation”
  • Md Fazla Rabbi Fatiq (Bangladesh) “Dark Garden”
  • Colin Dancel (Philippines) “Forms of Grief”
  • Anupam Diwan (India) “Mother’s Garden”
  • Farhana Satu (Bangladesh) “জল/জীবন (Water/Life)”
  • Saobora Narin (Cambodia) “On the Way”
  • R.A (Myanmar) “Reverse River”

Representing a wide range of artistic approaches and backgrounds, find out more about our Creation Grants recipients and their work here.

(Main Image by Saobora Narin)


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