We’ve got another exciting night lined up for you at the Festival Zone tonight.
It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through the week’s festival schedule. We hope you’re enjoying it so far.
We’re so thrilled about tonight’s entertainment – an innovative theatre performance, an exhibition opening and a thought-provoking projection screening – all sure to make you think.
The Courageous Turtle is featuring at the Angkor Photo Festival thanks to Meta House

The Courageous Turtle / Lessons from the Past

Our projection evening kicks off with The Courageous Turtle – a theatre performance being used in classrooms to enhance knowledge of Cambodia during the Pol Pot era. More than10,000 young people have already participated in events for the Courageous Turtle.
The performance makes up the basis of the ongoing photo project, Lessons from the Past, initiated by Meta House.
We are so happy and really proud to bring you this important work and to be the first to showcase the associated exhibition of images by photographer, Anders Jiras. It’s an amazing project and significant for Cambodia.
This exhibition captures the voices of civil parties who have attended the theatre performances. It explores what the survivors think of the play and their messages to young people. Special emphasis is placed on the concepts of civil courage and standing up for equality; inclusion; human rights; justice and taking action when these rights are violated.

Meta House exhibition, Letters from the Past by Anders Jiras

©Anders Jiras for Meta House
In the past, I dared not to go against the Khmer Rouge regime. This is why I like “The Courageous Turtle” play. I want to be brave like the main character. I want the younger generations to stand up and not let the Khmer Rouge regime return the second time.

For more information: www.turtleclub.asia, www.meta-house.com.
Please share this with all your Khmer friends, we would love to see them there.

The exhibition officially opens at 6pm tonight at the Festival Zone.

Impact Project

The Impact Project, an initiative of our programme coordinator Francoise Callier, is in its third year.
This inspiring body of work sets out to highlight small groups and individuals running projects to improve social and environmental issues.
Francoise says the project came about because there was always so much bad news everywhere but you never heard the good news about those making positive impacts.
“The idea behind it is to show to the people that small drops can make a big difference,” Francoise says.
“If everybody would help somebody it would be a huge change in the world.”
Tonight’s projection features the works of 23 photographers, each focussing on diverse humanitarian and environmental issues.
They include awareness raising about AIDs in Indonesia and on the other side of the world, the Mexican man who invented the recycling of PET bottles, which are being used to build houses, bridges and much more.
We also have a partnership with Magnum Foundation’s What Works Project and this projection includes the works of 9 Magnum Foundation photographers.
It’s an inspiring collection of images you won’t want to miss.

When and where

It all starts at 6pm.
And it’s all happening at our new Festival Zone, next to Amansara Resort. You’ll find us along the river, past the Royal Gardens and near the Raffles Hotel.

Entry is FREE.

You can buy food and drink from our tasty food stalls and bar.

It’s going to be an amazing night. See you there!