The Anjali tutors arrived a few days ago – and we’ve been too swamped to post any updates in the last few days, so I’m afraid this will be a slightly long post. (Plus, there was a slightly intense group karaoke session somewhere in between. Unfortunately, there’s currently a ban on public dissemination of all photographic/video evidence from that night.)

It’s that time of the year again – lots of climbing, heavy lifting, and wishing we had taken a crash course in carpentry and electrical engineering.

That’s Tomàs all the way up there – so much for safety in the workplace.

Paolo’s looking out (or up?) for him though.

We also had out first dry-run for the slideshows at the FCC Angkor.

How many people does it take to make sure our sound system is in place? Lots.

No screen, no slideshow. We had a great crew and the staff of the FCC to help us assemble it!

Several of the exhibitions have already gone up. Have a look at the schedule here!

Sophie Zenon at the Angkor Photo Gallery:

Sovan Philong at Hotel de la Paix…

and at the same venue, Mak Remissa!

Yes, I know his hand is on the print. No worries people, it’s laminated!

Both Philong and Remissa will be with us for the opening of their exhibitions (Nov 20th), so you’ll get a chance to meet them if you’re here.

And of course, this is how Herve Janody – multimedia extraordinaire – stays cool.

Note: It isn’t too late to send in your work for the second Blowup Angkor! The Blindboys have already shared a sneak peek at some of the work they have received this year. Head on over to the Facebook page to find out how to get your work up on the walls of Siem Reap.