Thank you everyone, for having been there with us during the festival. We still can’t quite believe that it’s over – but we do know that we’re all already looking forward to the next one.

There was no doubt that the stars of the festival’s closing day were the workshop participants – after a grueling week of photographing and editing, they finally had a chance to share their work with everyone on the big screen.

The other star of the night were the winners of the workshop – congratulations to Sovan Philong and Binh Dang for having won the first and second prize respectively. We hope everyone had a chance to see Philong’s photo on the front page of the Phnom Penh Post today! More details on the workshop can be read here:

We want to especially thank again all our partners and supporters, the tutors of the Anjali Workshop, Anjali House, the teachers of the Angkor Workshop, the previous workshop participants who turn up faithfully each year, the local staff who always lent a helping hand, our tuktuk drivers who took good care of us, and of course, the beautiful town of Siem Reap which we love.

This blog will be closed till submissions open for next year’s festival. To end off, please take some time to watch the slideshow of Philong’s winning work – enjoy, and we’ll be seeing you again!