Children’s Day – always something I look forward to every year!

We shifted back to Wat Athvea Pagoda this year. Although a little out of the way, the beauty of the place certainly makes up for it! Wat Athvea was built in the 12th century during the reign of King Suryavarman II, who also built Angkor Wat. The pagoda is just next to the temple, and is still an active place today.

There was a little more setting-up required at this location, and I’ve posted some pics of our team with our ever-reliable wagon.

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As always, Children’s Day means meeting all the children of Anjali House! The kids were treated to a little meal cooked right there at the pagoda itself before the slideshows began! Our sponsor, Pepsi, also made sure the kids had plenty of balloons to entertain themselves with.


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Beginning with a special ‘children’s edition’ of the slideshows, this kids from Anjali were then treated to another edition of slideshows by children – but from another country! Conducted by Japanese photographer Eriko Koga (who also had her work shown at our slideshow here), the pictures from the Koyasan Photo Workshops for 10 children from Japan were shared with our Anjai kids.

And just before we screened the results of this year’s 8th Anjali Photo Workshops, all the participants had a special present given to them by each of their tutors – a print of one of their selected images!

Once again, a big thank you to all the tutors of the workshops, Sam Flint, the director of Anjali House, and all the great teachers and staff at Anjali who helped make it a very special two weeks for the kids.

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Join us tonight at the E.F.E.O (Ecole Francaise d’Extreme orient)  for the last exhibition opening! Pablo Bartholomew is here with us in Siem Reap, so be sure to come at 6pm to catch the opening of Outside in the Chronicles of a Past Life. 

After that, come down to the FCC Angkor for a special showcase curated by our invited guest curator Munem Wasif!

We continue tomorrow with Portfolio Reviews too – see you at the Festival Center if you’d like your work to be looked at by our panel of great reviewers!