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Day 6!

Day 6!

Here are some photos from Pablo Bartholomew’s exhibition opening last night! This is a brand new location for us, and we hope to return again next year to the lovely gardens of Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient for another event!

Day 4!

Day 4!

We’ve been having portfolio review sessions every afternoon now – a big thank you to all the reviewers who have stepped forward to volunteer, and a big gigantic THANK YOU to Andrea Star Reese, who has been helping us to manage and coordinate the crowds!

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តើអ្វីទៅជាសំណុំរូបថត (Portfolio)? What is a Portfolio?

តើអ្វីទៅជាសំណុំរូបថត (Portfolio)? What is a Portfolio?

ដើម្បីដាក់ពាក្យចូលក្នុងសិក្ខាសាលាថតរូបនិទានកថា បេក្ខជន និងបេក្ខនារីទាំងអស់ត្រូវរៀបចំសំណុំរូបថត​ (Portfolio) ហើយផ្ញើចូលទៅជាមួយនិងបែបបទស្នើសុំ ។  ខាងក្រោមនេះគឺជាការបំភ្លឺអំពីសំណុំរូបថត (Portfolio) និងគន្លឹះមួយចំនួនជា ជំនួយដល់លោកអ្នក ដើម្បីរៀបចំដោយខ្លួនឯង!...

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Launched: Needs Survey for Photographers in Asia

We've just launched the Needs Survey for Photographers in Asia, and we need your input. Completely anonymous, the survey is simple and only takes only 5 mins to complete. This survey is a way for us to get a clearer view about how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted...

Open Call: Curation by Workshop Alumni

  With our 16th Edition, we continue to dedicate our festival platform to promoting curatorial voices from the majority world. The following are ongoing calls for work from our respective guest curators.  - DEADLINE EXTENSION: 21st September 2020 -  OPEN CALL:...

Covid-19 Update & Travel Advisory

COVID-19 RESPONSE The health and safety of our team, the community and all event participants is prioritised above all else. We will only conduct in-person activities if and when it is responsible to do so, and when we can guarantee the safety of all involved. Current...

Camera Donation Drive for Anjali Kids

Have a camera sitting unused and unloved in your drawer? Let the kids of Anjali House give it new life!  Each year, about 50 children and youths from the Siem Reap-based NGO participate in the Anjali Photo Workshops – a 10-day fun-filled event which aims to nurture...

ADAGP: Protecting photographers’ rights

For our 13th and 14th Edition, we were grateful to receive the support of ADAGP for the second year. A non-profit artists’ rights association founded in 1953, ADAGP currently represents more than 62,000 photographers around the world and works to ensure the proper...