The place is already getting crowded, with the first bumper crop of festival friends arriving today. We’ll be seeing all of them later tonight, but some have already dropped by the festival centre.

Akshay Mahajan and Kapil Das from Blindboys will be staging BLOWUP Angkor: A Photographic Intervention on the Streets of Siem Reap on Nov 23rd.

Plotting and scheming underway

Rahman Roslan, a tutor for the Anjali Photo Workshops, and Sofian Hamid, who’ll be tutoring next year, came by as well but we haven”t managed to get good photos of them…

Last night, a couple of us headed out in search of fish.

Sohrab in the mood for fish

Anyone who has been in Siem Reap would have seen the many fishtanks along the streets in town offering ‘fish massage’.

Sadly, some feet received less attention than others. Apparently, fishes have food preferences too.

We also ran into Samat – businesswoman extraordinaire who runs the Angkor Gallery next door, and who did almost all our framing work. It turns out that she owns a few shops in the middle of town as well.

Tonight: Karaoke. Stay tuned!

(Many thanks to Amber for all the photos!)