We can’t imagine the length of time it took to make the universe.
Diambra Mariani (Italy)

This project is a tribute to the poem 8 Moons by Sharon Olds.

My goal is to stage a visual poem, independent from the text which is inspired by, and yet enriched by it. My search for beauty can be read as an escapism from the brutality of the contemporary world and as a rite of exorcism aimed at dealing with the fear of the future.

"An atom bomb—does it reduce everything to atoms—to a mist the size of the moon? And the hydrogen bomb—is there water in it? When you drop it, does the mushroom above it look like a splash, as if you’d dropped the moon onto the ocean? If you dropped the moon onto the Pacific, would the moon’s circumference fit? Some say the equators of 8 moons dropped onto the surface of the Pacific would fit on it. (...)" From the poem 8 Moons, Sharon Olds


Born in Verona, Italy, in 1982, Diambra Mariani graduated in law from Milan Law Statale University and in 2009, she obtained a master’s degree in photography at IED of Venice.

In 2011, she joined Prospekt Agency, Milan. Her pictures were exhibited in Italy and abroad and published among others, on The Sunday Times Magazine, Liberation, MarieClaire, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Internazionale, L'Espresso, Brand Eins, Vanity Fair, Corriere della Sera, and Sportweek.

Her work has also been featured on several online magazines, such as GUP magazine, Phases Magazine, P3, Art Photo Index, Feature Shoot, Revista OLD, Die Nacht, Lens Culture, F Stop, 7.7, Kittykiwi, and Fotografia Femminile.

Amongst her recognitions are: selected for Circulation(s) Festival 2024, Finalist at Gomma Prize 2022, Winner at Tokio Photo Competition, Cortona New Visions Prize, Streamers/Celeste Prize, Inail Prospekt Award, and Honorable Mention at Px3 Paris.

Between 2012 and 2021, she lived in Barcelona, Spain, where she was working as a freelance photographer and photography teacher and where she was running, together with Yaiza Hernández, the art gallery Espacio Véntalo.

She now lives in Italy.