> Even though the whole world is burning

Untitled Morocco

Ziad Naitaddi, Morocco

As a photographer, all he seeks to achieve is to capture and enter deep into the human soul. He tries to express his state of mind by photographing characters he identifies with and who resemble him emotionally – melancholic, lonely and isolated. In trying to move away, to avoid showing the expressions of faces and portraits, but approaching them and expressing these inner worlds in very wide shots, while using the atmosphere, light and composition. Exploring the dark side of the nature by different point of views of characters from different generations. Trying to express photographically these moments of life which are very dark and seem temporary but to express deeply an eternal state of human soul of photographed characters.


Born 1995 in Rabat. A self-taught visual artist. Since 2013, he devoted his time to photography through a ci- nematic research which he explores in the form of documentary and fiction. His work has been exhibited in different shows, publications and collections included the Center of Contemporary Photographic Art-Villa Perochon, 13th Dakar Biennale, Dapper Foundation. etc. He won the ‘First Prize of the Jury’ during the 2nd edition of ‘Les Nuits Photographiques d’Essaouira’ (Morocco, 2017) and he was nominated as ‘Coup de Cœur du Jury’ for the Prix Résidence pour la Photographie de la Fondation des Treilles (France, 2018).