> Even though the whole world is burning


Kirthana Devdas, India

I struggle to sit in one place. All the wandering I can’t do outside has been occurring internally. I dream almost every night, vivid ones and not always pleasant. Some days I long for a void to sleep in. Sometimes I play games with my mind as if it were a child, distracting it, then sneaking food into its mouth.  But how much longer now. Made during the lockdown, ‘Undercurrent’ is an observation of peripheral feelings that have been coaxed to the centre of the room. How they impose themselves on the things that draw our attention. The photographs are a mixed bag, of flux and resolution, of dearth and finding, and an understanding that everything is momentary.  


Kirthana Devdas (b.1988) is a photographer currently living in Chennai, and working in India. Her work documents spaces/ places rendered from personal experience. Kirthana was a recipient of the Sahapedia grant in 2018 for her documentation of thira, a ritual practice in the Malabar region in South India, and a resident artist at the Fjuk centre for the arts in Husavik, Iceland in 2016. Her work has been shown at the Chennai Photo Biennale and the Hyderabad Centre for photography in India. Her work has also been commissioned by clients like Facebook, Marico, HCL, Asian Paints and Hidesign.