Tears of Dragons
Tran Thai-Khuong (Vietnam)

Ca Mau, a coastal province located in the southernmost region of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, is recognized as one of the areas in the country most vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis.

According to one of the scenarios, if the sea level rose by 25cm, approximately 85.4% (equivalent to 4,700 square meters) of the province’s total natural area will be submerged, displacing about 200,000 households by 2040.

Around 75% of Ca Mau’s families rely on man-made water wells as their primary source of freshwater for daily needs and economic activities. However, the province is facing a decline in water resources due to the effects of the climate crisis, and quality degradation due to human activities.

The longing for a stable and abundant freshwater source has persisted for generations in this region.

This is the tale of the water well drillers of Ca Mau – a profession that has endured for generations in the Mekong Delta despite current challenges and an uncertain future.


Trần Thái-Khương is a Vietnamese photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2008, after graduating from a multimedia design program, Khuong began exploring himself through photography.

He started working as a fashion and commercial photographer. He soon built up an extensive portfolio of photography projects published in many magazines. Aside from professional commissions, Khương conducted a handful of independent documentary projects. Since then, Khương has expanded his coverage to other subjects such as nature, culture, healthcare, animal welfare, and human life stories.