Susu, stories of not giving up

Miguel Jeronimo


Exhibition: 19 Jan - 2 Feb 2024
Venue: Chocolate Garden (Siem Reap)

A photo series on the current struggles of Cambodian people fighting for their land rights – from urban areas being engulfed by development to indigenous lands being lost to economic land concessions. With texts edited by Ananth Baliga and created in collaboration with various NGOs on the ground, this project travelled around the country to interview some of the communities fighting back and keeping the hope of keeping their homes.

Production support by Heirinch Boell Foundation

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Artist Biography

Miguel Jeronimo is a freelance photographer, curator, writer and artist based for seven years in Phnom Penh, with more than 60 exhibitions in Cambodia — including solo and group shows on topics such as environment, social inequality, gender, disability and human rights. With a background in robotics and emotions in artificial intelligence, he’s passionate about photography and working with NGOs on projects with impact, collaborating with other artists and creating art shows with meaning.