Siphandon – Mekong Fishing Under Threat

Suthep Kritsanavarin /COSMOS Photos



This is a diary of a man who fell in love with Mekong River and the land that called Siphandone. In the different timing and purpose, my first visit as a tourist to Khone falls, in 2000. A few years later I went there as a reporter. In a view of reporter or conservationist, I can say that the Mekong river is going to die. Most of the Mekong countries try to use natural resources from the river in various purposes and projects. Particularly, the mega-project like a dam that is potentially to change the landscape of the river and all natural resources which would never come back. My photos diary would be a story telling with an eye-witness of how Mekong change during 18 years on its’ nature, environment, way of life and along with its’ developments. It is a memory of myself as a messenger and the people in my photographs. This is a diary of my lifetime which I want to share with people from different culture. All these memories and photos are in my upcoming book on Siphandone. 


As a photojournalist Suthep Kritsanavarin has chronicled environmental, social, and humanitarian issues in Southeast Asia for nearly two decades. Suthep’s work is based on his firm belief that a photojournalist must act as a conscientious observer of society and culture: He has to contribute to social change on a local and global level. He achieves these goals by working on a project over long durations to build deep understanding on the topic and to establish trust among the communities where he works. As a result, Suthep captures powerful images of personal stories that propel an in-depth documentary. By using his craft of storytelling, Suthep has successfully brought international attention to issues highlighted in his work. Recently Suthep work on his own documentary film about marginalized people around the world. He represented by Cosmos Photo Agency.