Parallel World
Satita Taratis (Thailand)

Climate change — if we do not see it on our doorsteps, will we feel its drastic effects on our lives?

“Parallel World” is another world where minutes pass and never end, as if it would never cross with “our” world. We may have caught sight of it but never really see it. We listen to its sounds, but we never really hear them. This “other” world exists in parallel, yet we feel nothing to do with it. Ban Khun Samut Chin, a village in Samut Prakan Province only forty kilometers away from Bangkok, is fighting for its life. It is the area most affected by coastal erosion in Thailand. Some families had to move their homes 11 times further inland. For them, the fight against climate change is long and has become a part of their lives.

The world is our home, and so is Ban Khun Samut Chin. We are all connected to everything, inseparable from nature. The “Parallel World” is also our world.


Satita Taratis was born in 1993 in Bangkok Thailand, she liked to spend her free time trekking and learning the way of life of Karen people, an ethnic minority group in Thailand. These experiences changed her life and how she sees the world. Nature gives her inspiration and energy, and that is where she found her passion in visual storytelling, which helps her to deepen her understanding about this world. Currently, Satita is a freelance photographer with focus on human relationship with nature.