Pandemic Improvisations
Aiwei Foo (Malaysia)

This is a series of improvisational acts involving objects in the bedroom during the pandemic. I have always loved improvisation and cherish makeshift solutions. During the lockdown period, utilizing the available resources became somewhat obligatory. The intention is to offer a different perspective on how we can form new, light-hearted relationships with the objects around us during the down time.


Aiwei Foo is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in Fine Art and Fashion Design. Born and raised in Borneo, she currently lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Her approach in the creative process is mostly intrigued by the mundane everydayness. She also believes in the blurring of art and life: live life as art, art as life, to her it is a sustainable way to make art, and a way to live life with more mindfulness and observant. Aiwei works with limitations of different kinds: visual arts, photography, moving images/video works, performance art, music, texts, textile, tea ceremony and food. Aiwei was the featured artist on Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka 2016 and was awarded the Judge Prize from Jam Factory Bangkok, Reviewer Prize from Masakazu Takei (Foil Gallery Kyoto) and Mayumi Matsubara (IN CO., LTD). She was also one of the artist ambassadors selected by the Japan National Tourism Organisation for Japan Art Travel 2019.