> Symptom: Latin America Contemporary Photography

On the bodies’ resistance

José Luis Cuevas, México

 ‘Notes on the bodies’ resistance’ 

Explore the nature of humans as vulnerable subjects, both physically and mentally. An approximation to the human being in its fragile state of constant erosion, confronted by the vicissitudes of existence, time and space, but above all the constant degradation of an established system that analyzes and studies it, to then rank, control, dismantle and replace it, once its capacity for resistance is diminished.

The series include portraits of men and women, mostly naked, semi-naked or dressed in black, people found on the streets or summoned by newspaper ads: Workers, unemployed and underemployed willing to appear on camera by an economic compensation, a capitalist gesture that evokes an authoritarian submission. Additionally, as a symbolic context: Images of accidents, obsolete machinery, industrial waste, various objects that suggest violence and anatomical parts. Images around our capacity to resist a life of frictions and forces that are loaded in us.