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Ny. Patri (Mrs. Patri)

Fitriana Hadi & Kurnia Yaumil (Indonesia)

An editorial project, Ny. Patri aims to portray more about the womanhood narration of Javanese middle-class women in the New Order Era. Most of them united under women’s organizations, which were made then, like Dharma Wanita, a civil servant’s organization, and Pemberdayaan dan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK), a family welfare program.

These two organizations put women as if they were only husband’s wives and domestic workers. But are these women just becoming extensions of the state to “discipline” every member of them and women in general, or do they actually have their own agency in the movement? Is their position always below the husbands, or do they find strength, unity, and power in their role? How does the state define women? How is the value internalized in everyday life of every subject of the photographs?

With hundreds of photographs, we aim to propose other stories, challenging what we believe. All of this will be considered, and we are fully aware that most of these women are Javanese and middle-class.


Fitriana Hadi is a collagist and graphic designer, mainly in the editorial area, with an educational background in photography. She is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As a designer, she focuses on bringing ideas to life with an empathetic approach to the audience. For her, empathy and good taste in design are powerful tools to communicate ideas and engage with people. She also has a deep interest in the works of narrating the intergenerational history of women in the family. Also, the use of archives for creative work.

Kurnia Yaumil Fajar b. 1996, Jakarta, Indonesia. She dives into photography and visual culture in the sea of archives, performances, and publications. Her work is mainly related to publication, curating, and writing. In 2018, with her four colleagues, she initiated a photography publication platform called SOKONG!